Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Outreach Project CLG
Our Stabilisation Programme is for anyone who is motivated to stabilise and reduce their substance use. This programme is more comprehensive than Pre Entry and includes modules focused on rehabilitation, social & personal development, health & wellbeing and education modules.  The programme runs week days from 9:30am to 1:30pm which allows you the time to do the school runs or collect prescription medication.
The Stabilisation Programme is a Community Employment Drug Rehabilitation Scheme. Entry onto this programme is through assessment, many of the group members have come from the Pre Entry group or other services where they have been making changes in relation to their substance misuse.

The Stabilisation Programme will last for 12 months with a lot of emphasis on your rehabilitation and social & personal development.  There is also an opportunity to experience education and training modules.  On completion of the Stabilisation Programme those who have become drug free can move onto our Drug Free Programme where the focus moves towards reintegration and movement away from rehabilitation towards work experience and employment.

What a past participant said they liked about the programme:
“Being connected with people…… You can come in and talk to people. Share the support for one another. When I came to DROP I had been drug free but I didn’t know how to live clean. I look forward to coming in and seeing everyone and the atmosphere is great. I’ve come in where I would be angry ready to blow and within minutes of being here it would get better and I would be laughing. I know people from the area and I liked that. I enjoy the classes and learning. I love going through the classes and learning a lot about myself through class materials. My mind is open to something new. I like having the time to chill out and I get this in prison too. It’s about how you choose to use your time.”

DROP Can Support you to Achieve Goals in the Following Areas

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